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When I first set out to write a song about my broken guitar, I had no idea of how my story would resonate with so many of you who have had similar experiences.  In response to the overwhelming number of emails that I received in the initial days and weeks after United Breaks Guitars was released,  I created the Right Side of Right website to build a community focused on collectively improving customer experiences everywhere.

My original vision lead me to partner with a team of seasoned professionals inspired to improve the customer experience to co-found Gripevine.   Together, we created Gripevine to provide a neutral, fair and level playing field where consumers and companies can come together to work out their differences and arrive at successful resolutions to common consumer complaints.

My experience shows that using social media tools and technologies to tell your story can create amazing results without being mean or antagonistic.  I believe that no one is insignificant and that Gripevine will ensure that all consumers can have the same opportunity to get their voices heard.



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Gripe of the Week: Party Expert, No Expert on Customer Service

This installment of our Gripe of the Week is an excellent example of how to effectively share your complaint in a way likely to get the attention of both consumers and the company in question. By being creative, your chances of resolving your gripe increase greatly.

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